Melissa Johnson

Melissa’s experience over the past twenty years has merged interests in art, education, and community engagement. Melissa has been successfully teaching all across the humanities and social sciences since 2007. She finds tremendous joy and fulfillment working with students, exposing them to ideas and topics for the first time or helping them become experts in their field. Her enthusiasm and knowledge are contagious and inspiring. She approaches every classroom, course, and student with openness and a keen interest in meeting people where they are, building community, and working together to engage the whole person in the process of learning and applying skills. She is most at home as a teacher, storyteller, and creator. She currently lives in Bellingham where she loves the rain, the trees, and the easy access to water and mountains. She loves to be in nature, amongst the trees, whenever possible and does her best to eat, breath, and sleep movies. When not watching movies or writing, she enjoys experimenting with mixology and baking, reading interesting books of all sorts, engaging with weird history, playing board games, revisiting Conan clips, and spending as much time as possible with her delightful offspring.

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